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Volunteering is a great opportunity to support the team. Booster clubs are all-volunteer organizations, typically supported and run by the parents of students at the school the booster club is associated with. Booster organizations play a critical role in helping to raise funds to fill monetary gaps and support school activities in numerous non-monetary ways as well. The combination of financial support and volunteering time and expertise allows schools to maintain critical extra-curricular activities that help round out students’ educational experience.

Volunteer Positions

Please help make the season great for our kids.

So much goes on "behind the scenes" and we need your generous help!!! Please help fill these position right away so that we can have a great season!!

**  We MUST work the varsity snack bar  in order to receive proceeds from the Foundation run Snack bar, which has averaged $3000 in income for Football Boosters.  Please sign up!!!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Varsity Game Day Meal

This meal is provided by generous donations and volunteers who faithfully serve the team prior to each game.  Meal suggestions are:  pasta in a meat sauce, sandwiches, chicken and ride...with sides of salad, rolls and fruit.  Meals can be store bought or home made

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